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            November 2, 1998

            Established in Taizhou, Zhejiang

            Registered capital

            30.09 million

            Have 4 major production bases

            National High-Tech Enterprise

            Nearly 500 employees

            ABOUT US

            Based on the development principle of "people-oriented, science and technology", it has strong new product development capabilities and
            high-tech research and development capabilities.

            Company Profile
            Zhejiang Huazhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established as Taizhou Jiaobei Chemical Factory in October 1998. More >
            NEWSMore >
            The 16th World Pharmaceutical

            The company will participate in the [16th World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Exhibition]-CPHI


            Contact us

            Add: Xiayang Industrial Zone, Zhang'an..

            Tel: +86-576-88781601

            Fax: +86-576-88781606

            E-mail: sales@huazhoupharm.com

            Interactive platform


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